Optimal remedies for your Snoring and Sleep Apnoea problems (Breathing interruptions/pauses)

Velumount is a reliable preventer of obstructions in the pharyngeal section of the respiratory tract. Snoring and Sleep Apnoea can be successfully treated with this Method.


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Velumount is a medical product - a palatal brace.

Velumount palatal brace has been subjected to the strictest Tests prescribed by the Swiss Clinical Remedy Institute - SwissMedic (Schweizerischen Heilmittelinstitut). The Report / Certification confirms the observances under the most stringent norms/parameters of all European Guidelines, The CE-sign.


Mr. Arthur Wyss (born in 1953), is the Inventor of the Velumount palatal brace.

Following the invention of the successful Velumount Original, his ideation for a more subtle, non-visible brace resulted in the invention of his second brace, The Velumount Intro Ring - a device that is as comfortable as is popular.


Quality Assurance

Both devices, The Velumount Intro and The Velumount Original braces are customised to each patient, adapted and fitted, for optimal results AND comfort. Our Velumount Method braces is QA compliant, guaranteed, tried and tested therapy, spanning long duration time frames. Proven by our ever expanding network of Medical Experts - the ENT Doctors, specialized in the fields of sleep disorders and respiratory problems, each of them ratifying the successful usage of Velumount braces.

Follow-up sittings are important for patients to ensure optimisation for ideal results and safety. Follow-ups in the first six months are free, till the time that the patient confirms ideal results, and confirms complete satisfaction, reporting a better sleep quality and elimination of snoring. 


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